b. (1985), Queens, New York
Based in Los Angeles, California
contact: rm.strum@gmail.com

My work gives form to curiosity and observations of our connections to nature and beyond. I am fascinated with the raw & the cooked as a theme and it is often reflected through my exploration of the tension and spatial abyss that resides between the inner and the outer aspects of everything. I find content by using the method of adding and subtracting layers through perforating bold hits of color and patterns found from precious stones and gems. Working with multiple mediums ranging from acrylic, spray paint, and photography allows me to build layered scenes painted with luminous color, swaying back and forth between figurative and abstract.  My work moves through that of gradient shifting cosmic terrain and portals to worlds of vivid landscapes and ultimately explores nature vs culture.

I am deeply inspired by the setting sun, slithering wind, and the ineffable beauty of overgrowth in abandoned landscapes.